So i always wondered since all of yall say the LP studio is half assed if the LTD EC1000 would be a better pick cause i've always been GASing for a LP Style guitar and i like both the LP studio and the EC1000 so im wondering which would be an over all better guitar in terms of Build quality (brain fart may have spelled it wrong my b), Sound, and the over all feel of the guitar

BTW when i buy one of em i'd be playin through an Bugera 333xl tube amp so i woln't be playin em through my Spider (i really hate the damn thing right now).

thanks guys
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i would get an esp edwards les paul style guitar... i havent tried one but i havent heard anything bad about them... i am thinking of ordering one myself.

EDIT: www.espguitars.co.jp/edwards

that is the website if you wanted to check some of the models out.
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ESP LTD EC1000 no doubt!
Studio isn't as good IMO and the ec1000 comes with better neck picks and 2 more frets!! and look better also IMO
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The ESP will be by far much superior.
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Gibson, I never liked the feeling of ESP/LTD's, they just feel 'not good'.
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I got the ec-1000,
had it for a few years now and always say that this guitar i will keep forever.
Love it.
Definitely the EC.

If you can get it, the Edwards would be even better. Their overall quality is superior to LTD, and often on par with actual ESP's.
Go for the EC-1000, it outranks the Gibson in every possible dimension imaginable. I've played both for at least 10 hours apiece.