I've been playing guitar for about 8 months and i feel like I've reached this point where I feel like I've stop learning new techniques and i'm just doing the same stuff over and over again. Is there a certain song that would help me along and start to get new stuff down.
I'm good at hammer-ons and pull-offs one and two frets away, so I probably need to practice doing them farther away. I also mostly need to work on keeping the tacet strings from ringing. And I need to work on keeping other strings from ringing when I bend.
alright, I think you're going to find songs you're looking for hard to come by within country, though I'm sure there are some complicated country songs (I just don't know any :p. Your best bet is probably rock, and classic rock at that.

Do you know any Pink Floyd? A lot of Gilmour's stuff will challenge you to play soulfully and extremely clean, which I think should help with the your tacet string and bend problems. Since I don't really know your skill level, I'm going to say try Comfortably Numb, since not only will the solo's help you, it's an amazing song