I was helping a friend who was learning how to play Barre chords (c#m specifically, lol), and he was having trouble, so I asked him where his thumb was when he was playing them.

He responded saying it was over the top of the neck, and that he knew it shouldn't be there but he couldn't reach otherwise.

So, I told him to put it behind the neck in the correct position, and then squeeze like as if his hand was a clamp. He then said that doing that helped.

Anyway, I was wondering if it was even possible to do it the way he was doing it? I gave it a try and it's really hard.

Obviously, I know about using your thumb to barre the E and A strings, but he barred with his 1st finger, then had his thumb resting at the top, and as far as I could tell when I tried it it's impossible to get any strength in your hand doing it. haha

Does anybody here play barre chords like this?

By the way, I don't want to play barre chords like this, I was just wondering if anybody else played them in this way. haha
If you have really long thumb you can fret the C root with it, looks kinda cool. But for me it's uncomfortable to have my thumb on the top:
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yeah, thats how my dad plays :P
he says it hurts his hand to just bar it down with his pointing finger :|
arondadi, I know about doing that. He's not rooting anything though, his thumb is just sort of resting near the top.