.... idk if this is in the right thread, so sorry if it isnt.

i'm recording onto a laptop, i know, not the smartest thing but i'm poor and it's all i have... anyways. this new laptop i have only records in mono, and sounds like crap when i plug the guitar into it, or run it from the amp to the laptop. it sounds way hot, fuzzy, and like i shoved a mic up my ass and ran up the stairs. the microphone volume on the laptop is turned way down, and it still hisses like a snake on PMS.

what i'm looking for is some info on any USB recording stuff, seeing as everything that runs through the mic input is mono. it only goes into the left ear, which is bad because i record two tracks, one left and one right. oh, and i dont have firewire, just usb.

i'm using sonar 7, and have used this same set up with an older laptop, and have had no problems. so any ideas?
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you should be looking into an audio interface. you hook up a mic to it, and then into your laptop.

check out the riffs & recordings forum for more help.
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