On Sunday a friend and I jammed with Billy Nershi (of the String Cheese Incident) and some other people in the lobby of the hotel we were staying at for a bluegrass festival. (the Emmite-Nershi Band played the festival not SCI ).

He is a pretty awesome guy and the other people we were playing with were cool too.

What awesome musicians have you had the opportunity to play music with?
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No famous ones, but my uncle jammed with Frank Zappa a few times back in the day. Not sure if he has any pics though.
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i freestyle rapped with kristoff krane and eyedea....
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i didn't play with the band but the bassist from flobots let me play his bass after the concert.
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Cancer Bats.I hadn't heard of the band then but they came and played a show with my old band about a year ago.
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I've played with the guys from Iron Maiden, Children of Bodom, Opeth, Arch Enemy and Steve Vai.

And all in digital MP3 format!
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I jammed with Hendrix yesterday, he was really sloppy.

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the accordion player on the other side of my floor in my dorm, he's awesome
Not me, but my great grandfather was a superb musician. Played many instruments, piano and violin mainly. He played with all kinds of famous guys from that time, including Sinatra.
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