Hello UG guys....im new to the forum but i have been "lurking" and using the tabs on this site for years...My SR505 is driving me crazy since the day i bought my EQ has been set BASS 5 MID 0 TREB 5 because when i max out the bass it FARTS REAL BAD and when the TREB is maxed it sounds like i have a LEAD GUITAR DIST. EFFECT goin on they are both way too hot...and of course ive tried all the basic stuff changed the battery (brand new energizer for high tech equipment non rechargeable non Ni-MH) lowered the pickup height and set amp/PODxt settings lower...but it just doesnt retain a strong bass sound...i was wondering if anyone else with the same bass has this happening or if it just the norm with BARTOLINIs i use other basses through the same equipment and im not constantly dialing knobs while i play and i love the 505 but it gives me a headache....THANKS for any help--- sorry for running sentence...i never post on forums before....
I have no idea what kind of problems you are having without some kind of sound to hear it. I personally have never had a problem with my SR no matter what I am playing. What kind of EQ do you have on your amp, what kind of amp do you have etc.
yeah i kinda have that same problem. for me, i just raise the bass on the eq not as much as i want and just raise the bass on the amp. the same go for the mids and highs.
Sounds like your bass output is at too high a level for your preamp. Turn the volume down on the bass slightly and see if that helps.
TS that is the ugliest post I have ever seen, don't EQ so extermely. If you have 5-0-10 (low to high) its gonna sound awful. If its the other way its gonne be awful, moderation, that should help.
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Yeah it is a powerful preamp - you're better off starting with everything centred and tweaking from there.
You say you have a POD, is that a Standard or a Bass POD? If it's a guitar POD it will certainly be this that's the problem.
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if ur looking for a good EQ setting just explore and try stuff till u find one u like

i have my bass around 7-8ish
mids aruond 4-5
treble around 6-7
some people attack me for cutting my mids but i love the sound
My setup is a Bass PODxt Live -> Ampeg B2-RE FX RETURN -> Ampeg BSE410-HLF so no color from the amp the patch i use mostly on the POD is set to BASS-7 LO MID-5 HI MID-5 TREBLE-7 and i can plug in any ACTIVE/PASSIVE bass in crank the EQ on that bass however i want and get no nverdriven tones....like LOWER FREQs and HIGHER FREQs very clear...while if i crank the setting on that 505 it gets way OVERDRIVEN...and when i compensate by cutting bass it really loses its punch....man i think i just got a lemon and kept tellin myself it was supposed to sound like this now that ive had it for a while i realize it....oh well everything burns
Okay, first of all: paragraphs. Use them.

Secondly, EQ'ing to such extremes will murder your tone, especially on the bass' preamp.

It sounds like you want a mid-scooped sound. Does your amp have a graphic mids? If not, invest in a 10 band EQ pedal. You really don't want to cut your entire mids, just the centre ones a bit and boost the hi/low mids.

Finally, check Google for "Bass compression" if you really want to cut the overdriven sound but refuse to budge on your EQ.
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Why don't you take the Pod out of your signal chain for the time being, set your bass preamp flat, set your amp controls flat and get the sound you want out of your amp. Then when you've got your amp EQ the way you want it plug the Pod back in on a basic setting and tweak the controls on that. Then use your bass preamp for on-the-fly tweaks.
thanks for all the suggestions, ive tried all your suggestions and i think the problem is with my Pickups/EQ on the 505 because what i meant to point out is that when i play other ACTIVE/PASSIVE basses through any variation of the signal chain i can set the EQs anyway i want and i dont get the nasty distorition i get from that thing...while retaing a deep bass or piercing treble tone if i want that....
for example i have a SR300DX with a PHAT bass boost and it doesnt distort, now out of any of my active EQ basses it would be the one to do it but instead its a smooth LOW ....on the 505 its at 1/2 bass its lacking any real BOOM...anything past that is distorted and "farty" on any other bass i do BASS-10 MID-2ish TREBLE-7ish and they are FINE if halfway through a jam session my guitarist wants to jam his 7 string i bust out the 505 (5string) and im stuck F'ing with my EQs for 10mins and even after im never happy...my cheapo/brand name 5ers are plug and play...will kill the 505 later -END-