i have never really tried the kahler system, but i tried the floyd rose and i did not really like because of all the time i need with my tunning

but the kahler, you should you do like all the steps that you do with the floyd rose or you can just tune it like any normal guitar without floyd rose
i keep changging them all the time, because me and my friends usually cover up songs so i need different tunning
then just get a fixed bridge or something, a khaler is pretty much a floyd
^ As far as switching tunings, it more like a ZR. There's a small screw that you turn with an allen wrench to offset different string gauges or tunings.
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The Kahler Hybrid series can be locked in middle position so you can change tuning without having to screw up your guitar
so kahler is better than floyd rose for reasons, if you can change your tunning all the time, and i do not really believe that all the kahler get out of tune because i have seen a guy on youtube playing on jeff hannenman esp and he also showed us that kahler doesnot get out of tune
how the kahler 2315 bridge (the same on used on jeff hannenman guitar), on esp viper 400 guitar ?
i have a Jeff Hanneman with the khaler hybrid its a good trem, does everything a floyd rose does, just smoother and it it has the option of locking it in the center so its like a normal bridge