Hey everyone,

My guitar teacher recently emailed me saying an Ibanez RGT42 was for sale at the pawn shop he works at for $420. He said that it was "like new" (which I assume means gently used), and that it might come with a case. I have never purchased a guitar from a pawn shop before. I am slightly suspicious at the low price tag on the guitar (according to musician's friend the list price is eomthing like $900), so I am just wondering what everyone's opinion on this one is. Would you buy it? What are the pros and cons of buying through a pawn shop? What do you think of the guitar itself, and is buying a "slightly used" guitar majorly different than buying a brand new one?

Any information at all that anyone could give me about this would be much appreciated!

every question you asked can be answered with common sense - pro:cheaper con: second hand, no warranty.
i would see i could try it out first

usually the reason ppl pawn stuff is beacuse they need drug money or because they are in debt..not because theres anything wrong with the item they are pawning

if it plays and is not cracked in half then go for it
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