I'm playing a Birthday Party, and I need some people here to help me.

I need 3 songs, one in D/Drop C, One in C#/Drop B and one in B
Drop D- lamb of god-redneck
Drop C- system of a down- aerials
C#- pantera-floods
Drop B-????????
B- any amon amarth song.

<---- metal.
Drop C- Stricken- Disturbed
Drop D- Pretty Handsome Awkward- The Used
B- WTF>????
C#- yeah the pantera stuff

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Drop tunings are a sign of metalcore and nu-metal.
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D - I think some Pantera is in D, could be wrong? (like Goddamned Electric)
C# - Bloodline by Slayer
B - Blinded by Fear by At The Gates
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