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please rank me and place a comment. Thank you.

Oh cool your Korean too?
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you can be jesus.

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most useless response i think i have ever seen on any forum ever.

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Oh cool your Korean too?

No hes mexican
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a little sloppy but alright for your first video.

btw, dont call it a fender squier. its not the same thing as a fender.
I'll be the first to offer constructive criticism.

I didn't think it was particularly sloppy, the way you're playing isn't to be neat, however, some of your bends and vibratos are really out of control. However, what really kills it is how stiff your picking is, it really throws off your timing at times and you definitely need to work on dynamics.

I'd rate it a 5/10, solid effort.
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You did THREE threads for the same video.
I will have to call you an ASS for those stupid threads and your stupid attention-whoring.

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Reported as i have seen so many of these threads.

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