So I've got an 85 Strat my uncle gave to me since he doesn't have time to play anymore.
It's got an archaic Kahler/Floyd 2 point tremolo with a locking nut that is behind the actual nut.

It's fairly beaten up, and I'm missing 3 of the fine tuners so I can't sell it off for as much.
Also I wouldn't sell it anyway unless I could get it for over 800.
(And you're not supposed to sell gifts people give you.)

What I wanted to do with it was put a 6 screw vintage tremolo in it and replace the nut + string trees with graph tech stuff. (Reasons for not wanting floyd include cost, tone and three letters that happen to be S.R and V.)

I'm selling off my Jackson V soon because I'm not a fan of V's and I'll be getting 100 for it. (Bought originally for 40) and my b-day is in like a week and I'll prolly be getting 100 round that time. And then I'm gonna work my ass off since I can't get a job and if I don't spend my money on useless crap, I should have another 100 by December.

So my budget is around 300 dollars.

My question to you electric guitar forum, is that am I getting screwed?
The guy said it would cost atleast 150 for routing and fixing up, not including the cost of the new tremolo and graph tech stuff.
I don't even shred
Check more then one place/store that could do it for you and go with the one where you feel most confident in would be my advice. But $150 would seem close to what you should expect. He's gotta measure out the scale properly and drill in the right place etc, then install the nut properly and possibly file it down or raise it up for the proper setup then do a setup on your guitar and get everything in line so $150 ain't bad
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