So after sending back the Peavey 6505 because I was not satisfied with the fizzyness and thin tone at non-coma inducing volumes (yea yeah...tube...not all tube shave to be at 100000 dB to sound good...although..I only play mostly at home so my mistake)...I have decided on a new tube amp i think. After entertaining the idea of a rack system for a bit..I decided I could get a good tube head for a better deal.

The Carvin V3. I play 95% metal. I like thick. I like ballsy. I like clarity. I love GAIN. and this amp looks like it can cover all of that. It seems like in 50W mode i can crank the master volume to get good power tube saturation and use the channel volume as a raw overall volume mechanism to achieve a good tone at lower volume levels (doesnt have to be bedroom...just not piss off family/not audible easily outside). Did i make a good choice?
my rig is in my basement which is finished..and carpet floors so little artificial reverberation. Like i said as long as it can retain a good tone without being audible outside in other houses and not causing discomfort to my family...then it's good for me
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Is overkill imo but heh whatever, enjoy.

what would you suggest?

my 2nd choice was Engl Fireball - $1400