I have a Marshall MG100HDFX head with a broken power switch. Can I get another switch from Marshall, or am I going to need to figure a way to put another switch in myself?
i think the real answer is buy a new amp.. mg? really?

but anyway, i think any switch will do
but im no expert
It's probably a relay... depending on where in the power stage it comes in. I don't know exactly where it comes in... can't find a schematic either.
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Well, I'm not playing on this one anymore (I'm running through a JCM900 4100 these days) but I still use the head from time to time. I figured it would be a cheap fix, but if I can get an actual switch from Marshall, I think I'd have a better time than getting some hardware-store issue that doesn't QUITE fit and requires me to go in and fill in or file away.