Hello knowledgeable guitar people!

I'm looking to buy an acoustic or a/e in order to learn how to play.

Locally I can pick up a mint condition black EG561C (the one without onboard tuner) with softcase for $260 or an equally mint AEF30E with hard case for $300.

Any opinions on whether I should go for one over the other, or something else entirely around that price range?

Thanks in advance!
I have a nice Epi Hummingbird, and it was only $300 or so. Solid Spruce top, plays well, altho it doesnt have a built-in pickup, which i prefer actually.
Ibanez acoustic guitars are pieces of garbage. Honestly, just don't get them. They have so many quality issues it's not even funny. On the other hand, the Takamine should be a great guitar.
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