I cant seem to get quick launch working on my startbar on windows. When i go into the option it doesnt let me do it. Also when i got into my pc it always reverts to windows 98 style rather than my xp style. Help!
What? For quick launch, just right click the shortcut or exe of whatever you want and click add to quick launch (not sure if thats what it is in xp, but should be something like that).

And what do you mean when you get into your pc?
You change the xp/98 verson thing from propertys my right clicking on the bar on the bottom of the screan. Serously anybody can figer it out. n00b

Edit: To do the tool bar thingy I think you just drag the shortcut to the bar.
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If you want to add an object to quick launch just drag and drop the icon into the tray. As for the theme, I think in XP, you right click on Desktop, click Properties, and go to Theme and just change it from Windows Classic to Windows XP.
it wont let me drag stuff in (even with startbar unlocked)
the 98 profile keeps coming back when i turnt he pc off and on but im not too bothered,.
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Are you getting any kind of error messages?

'cannot create toolbar'
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Well I'm at a loss. What the info on your pc? Do anything particular to it recently?

ahh got the answer from microsoft but god knows how to do this!

When you try to enable the Quick Launch or the Desktop bar, or try to create a new toolbar, you may get the error "Cannot create Toolbar".

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Also, the solution recommended in the following MS KBase article may not resolve the issue:


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This issue may be due to one of the following reasons:

- Quick Launch folder is missing.
- Corrupted DLL files.
- Corrupted registry entries.

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This issue might happen if the Quick Launch folder is missing from this location:

%Appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

To resolve the issue, you need to execute the following command at the Run dialog box:


The above command creates the Quick Launch folder automatically. If the issue still persists, re-register the following two files (Simply execute the commands one after the other at run dialog box):


Restart Windows and enable the Quick Launch Toolbar.

Alternatively, you can edit the following registry key:


Create a new String value
Value data = "IShellFolderBand"
In the same key, click + sign and "InProcServer32"
Create a new Expandable string value. (Right-click on the registry windows, choose New to get the option)
Value data = "%SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll"
Create a String value:
Name - "ThreadingModel"
Value - "Apartment"

NOTE: Don't use quotes anywhere while creating the strings in the registry.
basically, do this:

Click your start button, then hit Run...

A box will come up asking for a program.

Type "IE4UINIT.EXE" into the box without the quotation marks.

Restart your computer.