I wrote this to accurately describe my ingrown toenail. How lovely. Now you can be as enamored with them as me.

Personal Surgery

Crisp packet feet creak, trembling
At the foot of my desk
Ingrown toenails and home-grown tooth

The inquisitive pokes and yelps
Peel off the scab of the old
Like Velcro

Tweezers handle the pussy puncture
To get to grips with that edge
Is torture

It’s red and vibrant and raw
Like a stopped heart
clotted in purple

An angry lance in a sharp wound
Discovers the root
Of the pain

The tweezers have made the wound
Less painful but open and

I clutch my opaque trophy
The square enamel digger
Un-Sheathed from my big toe

This operation completed
My relief pours from me
Clear and sticky from the cavity
Eager to fix my self again
Now that the addiction is treated


Italicized stanzas are a bit confused to me and I can't seem to get them to work so, again, any help and all that gratefully returned. aside from that I can't write poetry, so any help there too
On vacation from modding = don't pm me with your pish
It kinda sucks
Just remember, at the end of the game, the king and the pawn go in the same box
lol, well that's the danger in trying new things isn't it?
On vacation from modding = don't pm me with your pish