Basically im building an Edrum. Its going to be basically a suped up Rockband Drums.

Here's my question, I would not like to use programs like WinPDrums or Rhythm rascals, but use EZDrummers!(For better sounds). Im using Acoustic Mixcraft as the host program .....

I would like to know how you could assign each drum with a key on your keyboard, and by doing that I could assign my e-drum pads with a keyboard keys. Please help ive tried to look for a solution everywhere,no luck.

Thanks =)
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I don't know how Acoustic Mixcraft works, but there should be a thing under MIDI called a Drum Roll where you can change the drum pads on to different keys of a keyboard. I'm pretty sure its not possible to make actual keyboard keys work, so you'll probably need something like this:


Then you just set the output of the channel you're using for drums to the keyboard, and your good to go.