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lost my teeth to the fist
of an ex who's the next lover
of my lover

left foot left stomp.

turned away only for a car
to wash me with piss from
the gutter

right foot right stomp.

shuffle back now yall.


She claims she’d feel safe
even in a cube made of glass,
but we all know she’d smoke it;
she always needed a fortress
like those depressive songs
she built her life around,
as they sucked her to the lock-jaw,
leaving the remains on the ground
of the bathroom floor:
The one she adores, and lays, as her bed;
the pillow of tears that were once and always shed;
as she requests a Gillette to be her gravedigger.
A bitter end of a bittersweet soul...


Men are pigs,
Women are mud,
I'm a fence.

For Dylan

-Make it real
-Stop Hiding behind metaphors
-Give your words life
-Your characters are one-dimensional
-Write about me, it will give you inspiration.

---Suggestions followed.

Here's to real life,
raise one full glass of bourbon
and two middle fingers.

You write to release,
I write because I'm bored.
Both are running from something.
You want real?
You want my life in words?

fuck it.

I'm twenty and still lost about life,
I'm afraid of alcohol
I'm afraid of cigarettes
I'm a virgin
and I still can't decide if God is real

I write about things that don't exist;
I write to make them real,
so that for a moment I control someone's life;
even if it is an eighty year old grandma that doesn't exist.

If I sprawl my life on paper,
it becomes tangible,
it loses its metaphor
it impacts.
Suddenly I'm on a roller coaster of
half-assed emotions and a level of apathy
I can't shrug from my ****ing shoulders
and I'm left staring down the barrel of sixty years til death do me part.
I'm taken back to that moment in the woods,
forty-five in mouth...
to that moment where I decided I wasn't
cowardly enough to quit.

I'm taken back to my weak core,
back to the soft spot hiding beneath
witty and politically incorrect humor.
I'm left standing alone,
in front of a mirror and my harshest critic.
Only to realize my **** isn't as big as I'd like,
that I have too many freckles,
that my hair is the wrong color,
and I still have pancake nipples.
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Both blue seemed melodramatic and somewhat, fake. I enjoy both red, and while the first wasn't life changing, second was as close to life changing as pretty much anything on this forum has been to me.
The ending line to blue's first was great.

The second red was beautiful.
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