Going to be ordering one of these two within the next day or so. I have not been able to play an elitist, but from what i have read (internet?) the quality is on par with gibson.

The only thing that concerns me with the elitist is the pickups, i do not know alot (or have heard alot) about them. I have played several regular Epis and like them, the pickups in the standard seem very versatile, able to do basically everything. I did read, however, that the pickups in the elitist are more mellow and won't really go beyond hard rock.

Looking for some adivce/opinions from owners/those who have played the elitist. Are the pickups really that soft? Also do you feel it is worth the extra 600 over the standard?

Thanks guys
yes it's worth it by a lot. MIJ>>>MIC, not to mention it's a 2 piece back and a full maple top with standard parts.
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If you ever have a chance to get something that is great get it.

So get the Elitelist
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from what ive heard the elitist can be compared to lower-end gibsons such as the studio, special, etc.

the elitist would sound better then the standard because the pups are MIA (i think) by gibson

(correct me if im wrong)
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I would have gotten the elitist LP but my gibson was about the same price and my guitar had an ebony fretboard. The rosewood board just looks wierd. If you like it, I'd get the standard sunburst with the black to natural flame top. I should have gotten it, but my explorer rocks.