Does anyone really no what are the basic things you need to play ( good rythm, etc.) and which songs can i tab to get in the sort of funky scene. Thanx
always keep your right hand stumming
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Funk metal, or funk-funk?

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I read once in a interview with Mike Scott (funky guitarist, played with Prince a lot) that he uses three main techniques: chunk (just hit muted strings), chank (just strum a quick little chord), and choke (pretty weird, but you hit one note while muting all the other strings). So the choke looks like:


Also, be able to strum 16th notes and have good timing. A lot of funk rhythm is 9th or 11th or 13th chords, switched off with muted notes. Funk also uses the wah pedal too, so if you have one, just play around with it while strumming.

EDIT: Some bands to look into: early Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Meters, any George Clinton or Bootsy Collins (Parliament, Funkadelic, P-Funk All-Stars).
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