Sounds really damn good to me dude. Nice intonation, I know that can be tough on violin. I love the use of effects too.
Dude, I love audioslave so here we go.

Digging the sounds from the beginning, I love violins to begin with so. Goddamn this is sick dude. Keep it up, how much does an electric violin cost? I'm digging the strumming pattern (Do you call it that?) in the second verse. OMG the solo is intensely awesome.

Keep it up man,
crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=932457
loved it. it was 100% unique too. not to sure how to critique violin very well though but to the extent of my knowledge, i didn't notice anything wrong other then the delay at the beginning.
Thanks for the comments everyone!

@ |2eM!x - my electric violin costs about 600 new, and it's pretty good. The really good electric violins run 2-5000, depending on how many strings you want. Someday I'll have a 7 string viper...