Fellow UG-ers, I am pissed off. I'm watching the Phantom Menace (the first Star Wars) and I have just now realized how much Jar Jar Binks sucks. His jokes aren't funny and the idea of him was a complete fail on George Lucas's part. That lame slapstick humor sucks.

So UG, who else hates Jar Jar?
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everyone hates Jar Jar... why do you even have to ask?
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"Jar Jar Binks makes the Ewoks look like fucking Shaft!"
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I think you've won this thread.

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aw c'mon, the jokes are funny because they're so lame, it's not laughing at the jokes, it's laughing at their attempt to make a movie funny, and they realize that, i think
The Phantom Menace was a joke as will be this new movie that comes out in a couple days.
Wait. . . You're not JUST watching this are you?
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jar jar fucking sucks

'nuff said
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