first let me start by saying im very sorry if this is in the wrong forum but it seemed to fit my question. im doing digital recording at home and i have a line-in connection from my amp (Line 6 Spider III 150) to my computer (i use the program Audacity). Everything works great but when i am recording no sound actually plays through the amp (i had to use the headphone jack to connect to the computer). When i record im unable to get any decent playback while recording. there is an option in the program that gives live playback through the computer but there is about a one second delay and makes playing very difficult. i was wondering if there was some means of being able to get playback as if it were just playing right out of the amp (i dont know if this would require using another amp, which isnt a problem) please help me out.
idk wats the problem. i use the headphone out and plug that into the microphone input on my computer. when i play it just comes out of my computer speakers, regardless if im using audacity or not (yes i love audacity)
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Turn off the "live playback" feature, and open the volume control panel. Check the "playback" sliders. Make sure the "line input" isn't muted, and turn it up until it's comfortable to listen to.

The latency is normal. The software can compensate with tracks that have already been recorded by sending them out in sync with the new tracks being recorded, but they can't echo that new track data in real time. In order to do that the software would have to send the data to the output stream before you played it! This is the price you pay for recording on a computer with a multitasking operating system. It has to buffer output audio data well in advance of the time it's needed by the D/A converters.