Hey all. I have been looking for a new amp for quite some time now. My budget will be (at max) $750 US. I enjoy the tones of Portugal. The Man, Mars Volta, QOTSA, and then some country stuff like Junior Brown or John5's country stuff (I can't stand his rock tone, but I love his playing style), and recently I have found I like Gatemouth Brown's tone.
Basically I am very picky about my clean channel, but I also want to be able to do some hard rock. Not really metal. About Audioslave heavy or so. I play through a Washburn with soapbar pickups. One p90 and a humbucker.
I have plenty of effects including a homemade rat and ts808, so I could use those to get closer to my distorted sound.
I really need 2 channels and an effects loop would be nice
Amps I have considered:
Traynor TCV40
Blackheart BH100H (price has jumped on them before they came out though)
Vox AC 15CC1
Laney VC15-110

I have a 2x12 Cab, but I am not against getting a combo.
Please suggest more for me to look at. I would like to get it soon.
I would like to spend as little as possible, but still have tone that I like. So please, no Valve King. I would be gigging with this amp, small venues and outdoor venues.