So I play mostly acoustic, because thats what i learned on, and i find acoustic much much much easier then electric. I really want to get good at electric though, because it would be awesome, cause i really enjoy playing, plus i want to by myself an epiphone les paul cherry <3 <3 <3!
anyways, I suck at power chords kinda. What are some easy songs to get me going on electric?
What are some electric exercises i should do?
and when it shows a tab like 334--- do i do a single swipe down with the - strings muted? Or do i do a quick swipe down and a quick one up, with the - strings muted.
I'm assuming you mean the tab looks like:


(ignore the periods, they're just for spacing..)

that means just strum those strings, and don't even strum the other ones. Just do it once. If you were supposed to do it twice, it's look like


for power chords, try some punk songs, or just most of the 'rock' songs on the radio..
they've usually got like 4 or 5 power chords repeated for the whole song.
Maybe just start with some classic 'smalls like teen spirit' by Nirvana? 4 power chords in the intro, and 2 other notes for pretty much the rest of the song..
American idiot by greenday, uses three for verses and intro, three for chorus and a few more later on. easy to do.

also, try smells like teenspirit, easy powerchord song that sounds good, and easy solo