I was just wondering if the play along cds and books are actually worth it? The one I am looking at is for Tom Petty. It has the tabs and the CD so you can jam along with it. Does anyone else have any play along books and are they worth it?
i usually just use this site for tabs and jam along to a regular cd, but that sounds kinda cool, if its not too expensive id go for it
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no, id go for it in that case
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If you are talking about the Hal Leonard books, they are definitely worth it. They come with a free version of Amazing Slowdowner (which I believe you can D/L anyway). But the quality of the tabs and the backing and demo tracks are well worth the price. BTW, the full paid version of Amazing Slowdowner is worth it too. IIRC, the free version doesn't support looping start/end points. It sounds great at 50% speed, whereas the CD trainer like Tascam really fall apart at 1/2 speed.
so I read that the play along CD can slow it down... do I need to download anything to get it to slow down? I have a mac if that makes a difference...
You can slow down any CD or song on the hard drive.

For Mac, this is what you want...


Go download the trial and try it with a solo that you want to learn. I'm not sure but I think the start/end looping is disabled on the demo. Looping is a very important feature, so it's worth buying.
alright so i downloaded the trial version, it would only play the first quarter or 3 minutes of a song but with the CD that comes with the play along, would i need this software to slow it down or does the CD already slow it down but its just not customizable like it is with the program?
Maybe the trial that comes with the Hal Leonard book is different. I use the retail version so it's from memory. I thought that you could play the whole song, but lost loop functionality.

If you can only play 3 minutes but have loop function, then you can cut up your songs so that you have 3 minute segments. Loop function is a must for getting phrasing and tempo down. I highly recommend just buying it. The main benefit of the Hal Leonard book is the tabs, demo and backing tracks. Well worth it.
I really like "Transcribe!" to slow down tunes to play along. It is easy to loop sections if you are working on a specific passage. It also has a sophisticated eq system to allow you to accentuate parts of the music that are hard to hear through the mix. You can get a free trial version that has all of the features. It has a release for Macs, too.
Alright, I just ordered the Tom Petty play along book/CD. I will let you know how it goes etc.