I am going to have a thousand dollars soon and i was wondering which guitar to buy. i was thinking either a carvin(either dc400 or ct6) off of ebay or an esp edwards les paul.. which is better in terms of quality, playablity, and sound. I will be playing mostly modern rock like breaking benjamin and other bands like them. also, i was wondering if the edwards would be a big step up from my epi les paul or if i should even bother buying it.
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Personally I love carvin guitars. AMAZING playability.
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You really can't go wrong when you've got $1000, right?
I mean ANY thousand dollar guitar is gonna be good quality..........
i wouldn't get a guitar from ebay. I much prefer to have warranty and service locally, which you get when buying at a local music shop
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$1000 is a good chunk of money, pal...

Don't get a Carvin off of ebay... Go to a store and play everything... research what you like... And get something that YOU LIKE.

Don't gamble with ordering... Play it first.