Hey Guys,

Who do you think are the best Classic Rock Drummers of all time?
List your top 5 - 10

- 1. Neil Peart
- 2. John Bonham
- 3. Etc.
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Keith Moon. For me, he beats everyone else. They all bore me, especially Bonham. I love Zeppelin, but Moon is my favorite.
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hell yeah Keith Moon
no one is even close to his awesome drumness
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Moonie x3, but he was only super kickass really live, and quadrophenia too I'd say. Live at Leeds drumming = ballistic
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again Keith moon
..........Not just saying that b/c im a who fan either

Ringo Star
..........If you consider the beatles classic rock

Tommy Lee
..........It's not right to mention him on the same lvl
as Ringo and Moon but he is pretty good
Neil Peart
Carl Palmer
Bill Bruford
Pierre Moerlen
Aynsley Dunbar
Simon Phillips
Steve Gadd
Stewart Copeland
yes i know.....neil peart, and john bonham
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