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So today I was taking a piss, and I look down at my pubes, and near the base of my dong, there's this big red bump that almost looks like a blood blister, but I squeezed it, and it POPPED, but like a zit! white stuff came out! but the big red bump is still there.

So what the hell is it? Some kind of... bizarre pubic acne? Note, this is the SECOND time this has happened, although the last time it happened was a LONG time ago, and I never did figure out what it was. I'm a virgin, so i'm pretty sure it isn't some kind of STD.

Any clues?
ugh, damn man, thats nasty, but outside of an STD i dont know what it is

could just be a boil or blister
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probably just acne or a fusion of acne and bug bite.
it should be harmless
dont worry about it.

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did you drink the white stuff?

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well, can't any area that sweats alot/is oily get zits? maybe its just acne, dude. i wouldn't worry about it.
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ingrown hair..or some form of plague

Perhaps Bubonic?
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It's either caused by some pubic hair growing under the skin and leading to some kind of infection, which isn't too bad (don't squeeze it again, though), or something worse, in that case you should just go to a doctor. It's not that bad in my opinion, don't worry and let it "die" by itself.
A female mite laid eggs on your penis. Your body reacted by making zits and pushing the eggs out with the pus.
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I have the same problem. sort of.
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Ah yes, I know what this is and unfortunately the only way to cure it is to amputate at the neck.

...of my dick? Brutal. But.... if it must be done. *sigh*

-holds out weiner-
It's a genital wart.
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A female mite laid eggs on your penis. Your body reacted by making zits and pushing the eggs out with the pus.

...yup, I'm not sleeping well tonight...
the way I see it you have a 99.9% chance of death

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yeah, its just acne. don't flip a shit anymore
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It's a pimple. I get them now and then, too. Don't worry about it.
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dude it has happened to me a couple times as well....after you pop just kinda scabs over then goes away
You can get zits basically anywhere you have pores, and genitals are susceptible to genital warts. So its no big deal whatever it is.

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Got new jeans recently by any chance? If you go commando, your skin can sometimes react with the back of the button making things like that happen.
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Do you shave your pubes? Cuz it could be skin irritation from the blade. Happened to me awhile ago. Could also be an ingrown hair
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