has had cancer?We just found out my sister has it and i'd like to know how bad people have to go through?
Nick Grundy survived. so can she.
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My grandmother died from skin cancer recently.

My thoughts are with you and your family.
Haven't had it, I just want to wish you and your sister the best.
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has had cancer?We just found out my sister has it and i'd like to know how bad people have to go through?

If she's got breast cancer she'll probably be fine, assuming it hasn't progressed to the point where it's spreading into the vitals. The survival rate of breast cancer is up close to 90% now, if I'm not mistaken.
Never give up fighting! Treatments are a lot better these days and the will to live is important too. Hope all turns out well for your sister and you!
Moving on.....
I'm have/will have skin cancer. My aunt died from it. Grundy lived.

My prayers and condolences go to your family and friends.
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the truth is my sister doesn't have skin cancer and alls yalls posts well lawlz

Need I say...fail?
my cousin went through the exact thing as terry fox did, she had it in her legs they amputated it and then it somehow moved to her lungs. my prayers to your sister, also if you dont mind what kind is it?
i don't find cancer funny

at all
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my grandfather died of cancer...joking around like this..thats too low, even for a pit monkey.
i will get skin cancer i have over 90 moles on my body. i just party everyday

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Nick Grundy survived. so can she.

What's the latest on ol' Grundy anyway?

And my mom had breast cancer... don't ever let anyone tell you it doesn't suck.
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this is not funny you retard, i bet now what ever god you belive in is going to give you all the types of the cancer known to man cause you deserve to see the pain what so many people have gone though.