ok ive been playin guitar for a while now
im not great or anything but i think im good enough to be able to play a good enough riff for an original song and i was wondering if there were any tips i could have on writing lyrics and composing riffs

God Bless.
it is great you are composing your first piece of music..well i cant help you on lyrics or anything but as for riffs and stuff, my only advice is dont be stale. I mean it is okay to repeat things every now and again but dont do it constantly try to keep things flowing no matter what..I dont know what type of music you write or play so i cant help you with any tips or anything but that is advice that will benefit all genres lol
Hmm, lyrical wise, write about things that inspire you. Events that have happened. Things you have been through. Riffs and stuff. For punk/rock stuff like that, power chords are always good. Alt Rock would work well with minor chords. Hope i helped.