i was wondering if guitarfetish's replacment bridges are good, or should i buy one somewhere else?
i want a new bridge for my squier im redo-ing.
i dont want to use the tremelo, as i already have a FR guitar.
also, if i wanted to replace the bridge on there now, to one without a whammy, would i still need all the springs in the back of the guitar?
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If you want to use a hard tail bridge in a strat you will need to fill the cavity where the tremolo block goes. The screws for most hardtail bridges go right where the gaping hole is and wouldnt have any place for the strings to go. Strings come thru the back of the guitar using ferrules pressed into the body.
Yeah, thats not easy if you don't have any skills with wood. (or tools to work with)

You may be better off just locking the trem down tight so it can't move. I've done this on a couple of strats and they act just like hard tails now. (without having to do any real work to the body)
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