When i release a chord or note the string(s) seem to 'stick' to my fingers making me pull off. This is annoying and makes whatever i am playing sound wrong. How do i stop this? Is there an exercise i can do help to get rid of this habit? My strings are not dirty/sticky and neither are my hands, its just that iwhen i release the strings and they kind of follow my fingers.

Also im wondering, what do people mean when they say hold your fingers in a perpendicular angle?
Explain the sticking problem.

Holding your fingers Perpendicular means to have them at a 90* degree angle in reference to the strings. for example this plus sign "+" has one line going across and another line perpendicular to the other one or in others words, coming directly down.
Pull your fingers straight off. If you pull them off at an angle, they rub against the string causing friction, this is what causes them to "stick".
i had this problem when i first started playing too...just keep playing and try to pick up your fingers rather than pull them off....(not trying to make it sound like you're doing it wrong, or anything)...but after a playing for a while it usually doesn't happen any more..I don't know if its the matter of making it a habit to do it right or maybe people just need to get accustomed to playing..but I had the same problem...

Hope this helps
when i say 'stick' i mean the strings follow my fingers but i think its because ive been lifting my fingers in an angle.

by the way, when i lift my fingers completely vertically, it takes longer to change notes for some reason.

Also, i can't seem to lift my fingers off vertically when fretting chords. Any advice or exercises for me to help with this?
How bad are the calluses on your finger? I found when I had really bad calluses the strings would almost stick to the callus.