I'm starting to learn some GNR material and need- in my opinion -better picks. Right now, I use Dunlop .88s http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Dunlop-Tortex-Standard-Picks?sku=110040

How do you know when to change picks?

Are these good? http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Dunlop-Gator-Grip-Standard-Picks?sku=110310

As for strings, my cousin uses Ernie Balls- but I can't really decide on them: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/navigation/010-gauge-6-string-sets-electric-guitar-strings?N=100001+343593&Ntk=All&Ntt=ernie+ball&Nty=1
Jazz III's are my favorite. I don't think a pick would hold you back that much, but imo the Jazz III's do give an extra edge to your playing.

And picks are worn down whenever they don't give you the attack you want.
i particularly use dunlop big stubby 3mm jazz picks. they have a nice pick attack when you first use them, are small enough for me to control, and thick enough for good handling. that's what i use for faster stuff.

for slower, acoustic things, where tone is more important, i use dunlop tortex .88 or .78 (i forget what the exact thickness is. they're the green ones).

as for strings, i usually use some kind of .09 gauge elixirs. .09 anything works for me, really, although the lest set of ernie balls i had got really dirty really fast for some reason.

the gator grips you have posted are very good though. i have some 1.5mm i use occasionally, when i run out of my 3mm big stubbies.

in the end it's personal preference though. buy a lot of picks and decide what you like i guess
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Tortex jazz picks (1.14 mm)
Elixir strings are second to none (unfortunately their price is high and I'm breaking them heaps lately, which is really ****ting me)

For pics, I use the DUnlop Standard ones, the balck ones, 1mm I think they are, but they suit my playing style.
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Jazz III's ftw.
I use D'addario (or when I feel like spending a little more money, elixir) Light top/heavy bottoms (.10-.52). The bottom three strings are heavy to give you full, rich tone while the top three strings are light, allowing you to play fast legato more easily and sound a bit brighter as well.
Strings- Elixir A-R Polywebs. (Hands down, the best strings I've used. Twice the price of others, but way better, and they'll outlast any string put against them.)

Pics, some people prefer Jazz III's. I have accually yet to try them, although I'd really like to. Just go grab a bunch of picks and try them, it's not like they're expensive.
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Elixir strings are second to none (unfortunately their price is high and I'm breaking them heaps lately, which is really ****ting me)

Yes, they are the best strings out there! Especially thick bottom thin top :P
Okay, now a new question: what's the difference in the gauges? I'm afraid of upsetting my Gibson and I want to stay in its default range of .10s. So, how would a .09 feel (and so on...) and what's up with nickel wound or reinforced steel and stuff like that?
ernie ball hybrids are wonderful. i'm big on EB as they've been the best for me, though elixirs are very good too, just pricey.

for GNR i prefer using dunlop gator grip picks as they're good for switching from strumming to lead. i love my red jazz IIIs for all lead work but strumming and rhythm work is more difficult.

w/ picks you'll find that you either gain in one area and lack in another (rhythm and lead) or you cover both bases good but not perfect.

preference really
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I use these. They are noticeably larger than the Jazz III (still feels like a jazz pick though) and aren't as slippery as the normal black Jazz III's.
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jazz iii's ftw
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