Right through the heart of our territory mark
It layed it's trail, made of blackened rock
Unlike it's fences there is no need to hop
When coming upon the three striped snake, be aware before you cross


Red means go when you come to a road
When bright lights blind you, you've lost all control
of the life that has you, your soon to be alone
lying there lifeless on the side of the road

Verse 2

These great bright predators come racing through the night
With a hum that seems to fade once they've passed by
They poison the land and shed there black hooves
Some come alone, most come in twos


Red means go....

Verse 3

It was white and windy when a beast lost control
It's red glow shone, and lit up the snow
We proceeded towards it to finish the kill.
Upon arrival, it was soon to be known
Within this great beast, man was in control
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