Please someone assure me these exist, I saw them in Target walking buy, and then went to buy them...and they were no more. And I've already done a google search. Please ensure my sanity.
they arent listen on Kellog's website as a flavor. i dont know. i cant find anything about them.
The amish are putting anthrax in our butter...

The Pit. The Movie.
^i live near the Amish. i doubt it. id already be dead since my butter probably comes from them.
if it turns out they don't exist and you are crazy, you should get a petition going for kellogs(sp?) to make them.
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your city is probably just part of a testing thing, where they're testing it in your area (and other areas) to see if it will be successful in a larger area.

they do that sometimes.

haha i searched pop tart guava mango on google and UG came up like 6th or something
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I'd heard of them recently as well. I love mango, but I wouldn't expect them to be very good at all.
Pop Tarts you say?

I prefer Guava and Mango as a fruit, thank you very much.
That sounds awful. Why on Earth would you want it?


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