There's a chip in my guitar neck, mainly from years of moving/abuse. It doesn't look bad but I'm not sure if this will lead to any problems with it in the future. Just want ur guys' opinions on this.
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a chip probably wont, if it can turn into a crack you might have problems. take a pic and post it
just try to take care of it so the chip dosnt become a crack in the neck, lucky you dont have a chip on your fretboard ^^, i have one on the 15th fret D string and it totally ruins the note so i end up just playing that one note on the G string, sucks xD
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One of the problems it can lead to in the future, is that the builders of the relic version of the Slagerbizkit Signature Guitar will have to painstakingly reproduce exactly the same damage on exactly the same spot again and again on each and every guitar of that model they produce.
Repairing the damage will make matters worse, for that means that the slightly visible repair has to be copied also.