I remeber when all musicians where heart and soul and when they where reconized for there soulfull inovations in music and now here we are years later with people like michale angelo batio, yngwie malmsteen, and all these other so called masters of guitar, don't get me wrong they are skilled at what they do and I reconize them for that, but can they truley be masters if all they do is play to impress play with such passionless skill? just think of all the great musicians in the past that we remeber jimi page an inovator of music do we remeber him just because of his skill or do we remeber him for his heart and soulfull sound he brought to led zepplin? Jimi hendrix second to only one other guitarist and yet again not for his skill for his heart and passion and not being afraid to play somthing out there that joins one of the few timless bands, possibly and what I consider the most passionate and soulfull musicians of the last 40 or so years stevie ray vaugh a compilation of the two, a impressivily skilled musician who had the heart and soul to turn any song into a story of his life, do we remeber these musicians for there skill or for there heart? one more thought to add to this thread, is what makes a musician? what you can play with your skill or what you can play with your heart? I have my answer I learn all the skills I can from many types of music and I'm only beging to get some where but I allways remeber what ever I play I may have the skill but I listen and play what my heart tells me to because that is what music truly is and that is why what is music to one isnt allways music to the other.
Feeling and emotion are all personal preference in music, what evokes emotion in you may not in another, I see these kinds of threads alot, why don't you use the damn search-bar before making another stupid thread like this?

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okay three things one I did not know that I would be negatively responded two I thought I'd be around more mature people who would have simply disagreed rather than bitting my head off, i'm only asking a question on wether musicians should have soul like I belive or just tenical skill or both not saying every one should go the way I went, and i may have drawn out my point on the orignial post and sorry for not knowing that there are other posts like this but still no reason to be an ass about it.
i agree with him. He is basically saying, in some respects, that u dont have to b the fastest to b the best.
not saying that either all musicians have soul to a point just they pefer showing off rather than being passionate mbye not entirly batio but I stand my ground on yngwie
oh on another note I'm not just talking about guitarist either I'm talking about all musicians from classical to rap to pop to rock to metal, drums bass keybord what ever if it is a instrument then Im talking about people who play it
this is to jeff wired beck, as far as I know I have not downed any ones opinion I keep an open mind to this stuff I have not insulted anyone but once and thats because some where being an ass, and I'm being humble about this whole thing i even appologized for making what some said stupid thread so if you prove me wrong I will appologize and be more mature so please do.
how about you appreciate the tens of thousands of hours and Irreplacable moments that musicians such as John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess have dedicated to learning to play their instruments.
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okay serously I only named who I did because most people know who they are I havent forgoten about those guys if thats what your saying and as for them I like john petrucci and respect jordan Rudess and am not dowing there skills i just think to be a truly great muscian you need heart not just skill but at the same time you need some skill and those two have more than some skill
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Just because they don't make retarded faces while bending doesn't mean they don't have "soul".


You guys did overreact a fair bit though. He makes a good point. No one does anything anymore that is revolutionary or that we've never heard before. Shredding and most metal is getting very homogenised and there's no honest from the heart music like that of Cobain or Hendrix or... can't think of another example.

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thank you for that, why is this thread reported anyways? have I done anything wrong? alls I want to know is what people think about my thoughts on this matter are and if you think this thread is stupid mabye somone else dosnt. Just want to know why thats all?
blues =/= soulfull
shred =/= soulfull
guitar playing that makes people react = soulfull

and tbh i find the subtle nuances of players like Petrucci, Vai, Gilbert etc more "soulfull" then what i consider the sloppiness of players like SRV

but thats just me
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Wow, why is this thread still open?
And let me just point out that there's no such thing as "soulful" music. You can't "put your heart" into one type of music any more than another. Playing the blues is still skill, its just a different type of skill than shredding. Just because you know how to stick in a pentatonic scale and hold bends doesn't mean you are some fucking soulful player. As for music creating emotional response, that is completely subjective. You can't say blues is factually more emotional, thats just your opinion. For instance, sometimes good shredding can get you hyped up. Its still an emotional response. However, players like Jimmy Page are not better or worse than Malmsteen. They are just different. But theres no more "soul" in one of them than the other. TS, you need to lurk moar, this topic comes up constantly, and stop being such an elitist.
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