So I bought a Boss LS-2 line selector yesterday so I can switch between the clean and top boost channels on my AC30.

Firstly I was disappointed, I was under the impression that when running the LS-2 in A-B mode to 2 amps (in my case 2 channel inputs) that you could change the level settings to the 2 outputs, but for some reason the level settings are disabled in this mode!! WHY Boss WHY???

Not the end of the world, though... if you set the gain on the top boost just a touch higher than the clean channel you can get a nice boost from the switch from clean to top boost without too much of a difference in level. So now I'm loving my AC30 even more because I can use its overdrive and its beautiful!

Was going to get a Visual Sound Route 66 but I don't need it anymore Now there's this big gap on my new pedal board I need to fill
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