Kaspersky Internet Security. In two years, I've never had anything get past it!
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I like NOD32 - It hardly slows your system down and works great...It also works with vista

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AVG is free and works just as well as any of the others most people pay for.

AVG Free did fail me once....
since then I went back to NOD

IMO once software is free the developers don't take as much time to work on it and so theres a greater chance of failure.

[quote="'Tommy[fin"]']Common sense.

+1 on that as well. Ive been running my desktop without any virus protection software for about 5 months now and have not had a problem. I do run NOD on my laptop though since it goes on different networks when I take it on the road.

The reason I dont have anything on my desktop is because I try to only use it for audio recording and video editing so it has to run fast.
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DONT get Macaffee
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I thought AVG was the best free scanner, but now I've got Vista and switched to Avast I must say it's very strong, and prevented a virus just the other day. Almost my own fault, but I won't be touching warez again.

Edit - Avoid ones like Macafee and Bullguard. System hogs, expensive and basically crap.
I use Spybot Search And Destroy, quite good and free download
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We use Trend Micro Internet Security Plus but we only just got that so i dont know how well it works

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Trend Micro PC-Cillin.

Honest to god, never had a single problem and I've been using it for three years. It's great.
AVG, free and good. I used to have Norton and it slowed my system down a lot.
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Windows Live OneCare.
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