Hi, I have a classic 30, so the eq settings on it go to 12 instead of the more traditional 10.
Does this mean if a setting for a certain song says treble at 5/10, I should put it at 6, as it is in equal proportion to 12? Or do I set it as 5?
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Well yeah I know, but I really don't care about the difference, I always tweak it some. What I care about is knowing if having a knob up to 12 heightens the EQ capabilities, or presents smaller increments.
It doesn't make a difference - the markings are arbitrary, chances are it's the same value potentiometer underneath. What sometimes mattters is whether the knobs go from 0 to x or from -x to x.

Most amp EQs are passive , so at max value they're "normal" and turning them down cuts that frequency range. If they go from minus to plus then that sometimes means they're active, meaning that they can boost as well as cut and that zero is your neutral EQ position.
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It basically means you have smaller increments. Seagull has the most informative post, though.
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