Okay, So i'm a huge Ben harper fan, and he is an insane lap steel guitar player.
I already play guitar but i really wanna get into playing lap steel slide.
So I just wanna know what's the difference between something like this
and if i just put a strat on my lap and put it in open tuning and used a slide.
Ben Harper, as in out of "My Family"?

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also if you have your lap guitar tuned to open E can you play songs in other keys? or do u have to change each song for different keys?
I got a lap for 100 quid and it is great fun. I tuned it to C6 which apparantly is pretty much 'standard' for lap. If you change tunings you dont have to piss about altering intonation and such since there ain't no frets.

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Got it:
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Ben Harper, as in out of "My Family"?

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what does C6 mean? Lap steel normally just plays single notes? HOw good do cheap lap steels sound?