okay well i have a tiny amp and fender squirer strat *flameshield up*

i am thinking about getting an epiphone dot, i love their shape and i choose it over the casino because the cutout on the dot reaches the higher frets.

will the dot still be able to play heavier stuff beacuse i like to play blues, jazz, rock, and metal

will the dot support what i want?

i have heard they dent ebacuse semi hollow body

but any more pros and cons? and what would you reccomend for my needs, i would like a nice "clean" looking guitar like not an ibanez
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I owned an Epiphone dot. It was horrible easily one of the worst guitars I've ever played, if i could go back in time i would go and buy an ibanez artcore.
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a amp could do you more good, mabye get a fender amp, like a ok one 300-700 should be enough, or you could get a epiphone les paul standerd that owuld probs be nice mabye even a SG?