So i made a thread exactly the same awhile back when i was thinking about getting a wah pedal, now my b'day is coming up, and im finally deciding that i will. There were still some unanswered questions all over the shop in the last thread so I'm not reviving it so i can get clearer and better answers and hopefully this thread can help others too

The list to check so far is:
Dunlop Wah 535Q
(insert another dunlop wah)
Ibanez Weepin Demon
Vox Wah (dno the number)

I'll be testing all these pedals, so in the end my decision counts, but i have little experience with pedals and i really want to get the best for my dollar.

The weeping demon costs $249 AUD whereas the 535Q costs $349 AUD, is the 535Q worth the extra 100?

Do batteries run quickly in wah pedals? Should i invest in an adapter?

Any mods for pedals i should look at if i get this or that?

I like to play blues, funk, jazz -> rock, if im using the wah, i dont think ill use it too much with metal.

I'll be posting as often as others do in this thread if I'm online.

Thanks in advanced, appreciate it
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1. I have never tried the weepin demon but the 535Q is pretty awesome, depends on how much you wana spend. u get what u pay for.

2.Ive had batteries in my wah for 8 months and they are fine. (in all fairness i dont use it that much bust still), just make sure you unplug the power cables after use.

3.The Vox wah has a ton of mods you can do, theres a stickie in one of the forums (gears and accessories i think)

Vox wah is ideal for clean tones and can also be used for classic rock e.g. jimmy page used vox and many others.
Always go for the adapter!
Idk wich Wah sounds good ...
But my Pod x3 live has the weeping demon and it sounds hella nice
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definately get an adapter

i like the original crybaby, its great for the stuff i use in rock
I'm not a big fan of the weeping demon. I think the 535Q is best for everything. Also the Dimebag wah is awesome. It is basically a 535Q with an extended sweep.
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for me the vox 847 is beautiful, i think un overdriven the wah sounds alot sweet and its just got a little bit more extension into the highs which i've found other wah pedals dont have, its alright for metal but for funk,blues and classic rock its great. The only problem is the version i have doesnt have an adapter, but tbh it takes along time for the batteries to run out if you look after it correctly (ie taking the cable out the instrument in jack) however i think there might be newer models now with an adapter socket..
Okay now, here in Sydney, Allan's is charging $399 rrp from the 535Q. Billy Hyde or whatever will charge you pretty wack as well. Do what I did. Get it off eBay. I got mine for like 150-ish including postage.

And yes, the 535Q is the better choice. That variable Q dial comes handy if you wanna tweak around with your sound. Get a 9v adapter while you're at it.
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thanks for the advice i'll look into ebay, i just really done trust it that much lol and i cant try them out if i buy it this way.
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Quote by Survivalism
I need a wah, and I'm definitely going for the original Crybaby. It just makes sense.

The Crybaby doesn't sound good at all.
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That's it :|
he means the original crybaby
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"Never interrupt an enemy when he is making a mistake."
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Yeah, the Original Crybaby is bad. Unless you mod it - it's the easiest wah to mod.
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That's it :|
i have a weeping demon it's a great sounding wah with a $hitload of adjustments. and the step on step off feature is great.
I have a crybaby 535. I really like it and it's very versatile, but I've heard that the weeping demon is too.
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lol the last two posts are confusing me!!!!
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"Never interrupt an enemy when he is making a mistake."
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