damn i love taht siger to the max she's my favorite

but the truth is , her new album is not alanis she's more like madonna or whatever pop singer

damn i want the ROCKER back...the JLP CRAZY LADY...not that lover who does yoga...

i want the angry NATURAL alanis back

who supports me here?! is it just me ?
Meh, I'll pick it up when I get a chance.

I like So-Called Chaos despite the fact that some said it sucked balls, so I ought to give this one a chance too.
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Flavors of Entanglement is a brilliant album IMO. I like the direction Alanis has taken with her music and this is a big improvement from So Called Chaos. She isn't "JLP CRAZY LADY" anymore and she probably will never be. She's grown as both a person and an artist. Must listen tracks for me are "Not As We", "Tapes", and "Straightjacket". I think everyone should give Alanis' new record a chance. It's worth it, trust me!