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I am surprised at myself that I make such a thread, because as many people here will know I´m neither a pop punk lover nor do I like folk punk, but I´m first of all the biggest altruist since Jesus himself and not less important I have a rudimentary knowledge in playing the uke, so enjoy it, soem of you will like.
(Brian the old Hippie will find a little stain in his underwear after listening, because I mean this is Hippie stuff )
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UKEBOX is awesome, they stayed at my house. Great dudes. They do a sweet GREEN DAY cover and got me to listen to 'Dookie' again and realize how awesome it is.
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This is good stuff.
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Some of this stuff is good and some isn't. Overall I like it.

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This is some very damn good ****..... especially that song Nice Shoes or whatever it's called. that song is amazing.
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