So, I live in this crappy little town in the middle of freaking nowhere and I don't get the chance to try out gear before buying it. So, if anyone has actually tried this two pedals back to back, the Boss Giga Delay and the TC Electronic Nova Delay, can you share your thoughts? They will surely be helpful.

PS: I know some might recommend the Line6 Dl4, but it is a little out of budget for me.
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Id say go with the boss or just save up for the line six but like u said it is a bit more pricy but its totally worth it. Hope this helps
I've always heard that Boss is decent (I mean from what I've heard from the pedals, not the peoples ;D), so I don't see why you shouldn't go with the Giga Delay. However, that being said, I've never actually seen or heard this TC Electronic Nova Delay in action (although now that I know of it, I hope to). I know what I'm interested in getting right now is a vintage Roland Space Echo tape unit. I'd rather a Binson Echorec ll, but unfortunately one of those will set a pal back $2000 these days.
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Tc electronics ****s on the other ones. So many more options. Just got it recently. 9 presets etc.
nova is cooler. look into the damage control timeline too, though that is more expensive.
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