I was just messin around with some leads on my guitar and came up with a cool little string skipping thing, so I started building around it and this is what I have so far. It isn't finished yet, so don't think this is the finished product Remember, make your crit useful and so will I
Twilight Whisper.zip
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Very excellent sounding. I really liked it.

The buildup from the string skipping paid off when the simple chugging rhythm came in. I liked the pattern you chose, and there's nothing wrong with it, but you could have changed it up every five bars or something and harmonized it. The rhythms were very sufficient and didn't come out forced, but the drumming and bass could've been a bit more...out there.

8/10. I'm just a picky bastard

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Hey dude.

The intro sounded cool, I've never actully seen ayone use the celesta before lol.

I liked the build up with the strings.

Bar 34 was just was just awesome. I will suggest harmonizing the lead at bar 38 though.

The lead at bar 42 is pure sweetness. You should make the stringsfade out at 42 though so it doesn't sound so choppy when it transitions. And I think you should bring the strings back in at bar 50.

Lead guitar seemed really loud at bar 58.

Nice key change.

Well that was pretty nice, it could probrably use some touching up, but so far what you have is good. I'll give it an 8/10.

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Well, good so far. I cant really... give a full crit until its done, but the first riff is excellent, and the lead to get back to the higher part is effing schweet.
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