Would this rack setup be worth ~700 USD more than an amp head?


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maintaining a thick, nice tone is imperative at household friendly volumes (notice i didnt say bedroom)

Versatility-wise definately, soundwise would be up to you.
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I like versatility...i mostly play hi-gain thick death metal tones but i still like clarity....im willing to shell out the extra $$ if it sounds better doing what i do most...versatility is a huge plus though. thoughts?
Honestly there isn't much of a difference between rack mount and heads.
Sure there's the added versatility of different power amps and pre-amps. But power amps don't make too much of a large difference. Most amp's power amps are identical.
I guess a rack is good for effect processors, numerous channels and effects, and so on. The amount of cables needed for it though kind of put me off from them though.

Edit: I think that rack wouldn't be worth $700 more than the head, IMO. It has a nice preamp though.
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id have to get the lexicon for the head anyways so that's more of a 500 dollar diff now that i think about it.