Only just come across this track, its quite a charmer, been whistling for days now so i thought it'd be fun to get it down! Hope you enjoy. Would love to hear any comments regarding eq and levels etc. Thanks.

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man, how has nobody commented on this. awesome cover. i think your voice is great and the guitar playing is dead on. eq and levels sound fine to me. really good quality recording.

i just recorded a cover of Don't You Want Me Baby (yes, the terrible terrible 80s song) with my friend Amie if you wanna check it out:
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No one says anything cause they listen to it and they think '**** I gotta get my own **** together.' Cause its good. Challenge yourself and try to do more with the vocal harmonies cause in the real song they're a bit more layered I think. But I'm sure you can maybe that was an artistic choice and I'm an idiot. I might listen to a few more of these and just comment about them in here.

Elanor Rigby I don't like your vocal tone on as much but no doubt you sang it well. But I don't like the reverb on the verse singing really. Did you do the strings with a computer or something?

High and Dry is good too at the end though it gets a little shaky. Some of the little melody changes you do I don't love, but I get it. BUt any criticism I've made is pretty insignificant. These are all really good.
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Yeah i hated the way eleanor vocals came out, made me sound like a musical singer or something. Yeah the strings were so obviously computer generated by garageband, just got hold of logic though so i hope to improve that! Thanks for the comments.
The vocals reminded me more of that movie "Across the Universe" when Jim Sturgess sings it. Which means you did a good job. I liked it.
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Great cover, every song on your profile is a song I would like to cover too, so you get my seal of approval.
Awesome cover. Great song to cover too.

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